Community Engagement Programme (CEP)

African Child In Need in partnership with African Child Academy School in Nangalama village, hard to reach area, where there is no running water, no hospitals or health centers ,no electricity , children and adults share darkness , they have never had a reliable source of electricity.

The impact of the situation on health is dire, water related diseases are rife, and child mortality is high , one of the remote villages in Uganda, the school started in 2009 ,we constructed 3 block class rooms that accommodates over 800 Out Of School Children , from Nursery class to Primary Seven, as a seed project to provide equitable education services to disadvantaged children of the area, geared towards up lifting their standards and forging a bright future for the Out Of School Children in Bugiri District, while serving as a model for other schools in the vicinity since then, the school has

grown from strength to strength with the help and the backing of the local community by engaging parents in the school system in whom it has won the trust.

Since 2009 thousands have benefited and gone through our programs received great impact from African Child In Need, African Child In Need uses grass root methods to support Out Of School Children with the community sensitization known as Community Engagement Programme (CEP) initiated by African Child In Need.

The community/parents and guardians holds elections and instituted two legal committees , the Head Teacher of the school automatically becomes the secretary for each committee to run the school programs.

With the creation of School Management Committees (SMCs) in school. SMCs are responsible for monitoring school functioning, overseeing grant utilization, increasing enrollment and retention, and creating school development plans for improvements in school infrastructure.

With similar focus on Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) at frequent intervals, with a push to increase parents’ attendance at these meetings. These two legal committees works hand in hand with the parents or guardians of the Out Of School Children in the community level and the school level , their job is to identify out-of-school children to be enrolled and retained at school , they do follow- ups to children at their homes to avoid absenteeism and drop –out ,at community or village level ,with counselling and guidance to encourage children to study. Powers are delegated to these committees. This has made our work very easy.